Need of Proactive and Precautionary Measures against OneCoin/OneLife Swindle

Abstract: In the recent past, we have witnessed several Ponzi schemes, financial scams, and fraudulent investments at masses with greed to become millionaire and multiply the capital without any work done; have cartographical consequences including life. Double Shah and IDs scandals are classical examples.  What’s next? The OneCoin or OneLife swindle, it is similar Ponzi scheme and fake investment strategy.


Recently, I have observed a Ponzi scheme and fraudulent investment plan called OneCoin or OneLife which is nothing in terms of computer science, information technology, finance, economics, banking, and investment.

On 31 October, 2008; Satoshi Nakamoto invented and introduced a new innovative payment and reserves exchange medium named Bitcoin based on the underlying technology, BlockChain. Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency which means a digital asset designed to work as a medium of exchange using cryptography to secure the transactions and to control the creation of additional units of the currency. Cryptocurrency is a type of alternative currencies or digital currencies. It has decentralized control which is linked to the use of bitcoin’s blockchain transaction database in the distributed ledger.

Concisely, the Bitcoin have become too much successful and achieved exponential growth from nothing in 2008 to $0.01 in 2010, $1 in 2011 and now in 2017 it’s exchange rate is approximately $1000 per coin.

The scammers have started pretence and are building hypocrisy based on the invention Bitcoin; to cheat, scam, and con innocents people (shamefully who have too much greed to make money in shorter period without any work done), a lack of awareness and education.

The primarily reason of this document; is to inform concerned authorities to take proactive and precautionary measures to prevent and protect common people from financial loses which can lead to life loses too.

The supplementary reason of this document; is to create awareness and serve knowledge about financial frauds and white collar crimes.

This brief document is excerpted from under research and development policy and strategic framework on entrepreneurial economics and issues including but not limited to; financial frauds, revenue hypes, economic bubbles, ponzi schemes, pyramid schemes, MLM schemes, confidence schemes, tax avoidance, tax evasion, bribery, insider trading, racketeering, embezzlement, cybercrime, copyright infringement, money laundering, digital forgery, and intellectual dishonesty.

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.”



Solution of Kashmir Conflict

Solution of Kashmir conflict – the main reason and issue between Pakistan, India, and China (Kashmiris do not matter for all of them):

Regardless the ego & ignorance, facts & figures, history & past; move on for out of the box and innovative solution to insure peaceful future of the world.

Let’s merge Pakistan administered Kashmir (Azad Kashmir & Gilgit Baltistan), Indian administered Kashmir and China administrated Kashmir to single secular, liberal, social, republic, autonomous, green, and peaceful zone. Some incentives, perks and limitations can be:

  • No military (not Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, or own)
  • Visa-less entry to Pakistan, India, and China for all Kashmiris
  • No heavy industry which cause pollution and damage ozone layer (import all these things from Pakistan, India, China and world)
  • Water, power, and strategic routes are major stakes behind the Kashmir conflict (allow all parties to use routes on royalty basis), water and power can be distributed also among all parties on royalties on the condition that which will not cause climate change and environmental damage (we cannot stop rivers and we should not stop peaceful routes (we need to access ocean also in return))
  • Education, health, agriculture, tourism, and royalties will be main sources of Kashmir economics
  • No (no means no) parament citizenships for all foreigners including Pakistanis, Indians, and Chinese (Yes, easy visa for all tourists and experts (doctors, engineers, scholars, and scientists) worldwide)
  • Own currency, own identity, and own passports
  • Save climate, environment and wildfire from global warming will be priority
  • Education cities (schools, colleges, and varsities), health cities (clinics, hospitals, and rehabilitation centers), research & development parks, and science & technology parks will welcome world to heaven on earth
  • Respect everyone, love humanity, free justice, ensure equality will be vital aspects of Kashmir Meritocracy System
  • Neutrality will be the core value behind Kashmir foreign policy

Welcome to green, peaceful, republic of Kashmir (heaven on earth)

Any suggestions, feedback, criticism with arguments, without blames of traitors, religious fatwas and abusing will be welcomed. Please contribute your solutions (sub solutions and extensions) also.

Let’s play own role to save and secure humanity and earth. At least, you can speak up!

Allah Almighty Bless the Federation of Pakistan




4 POINTS IMMEDIATE PEACE FORMULA to stop equalizing and neutralizing figure game on LOC which is going towards catastrophic war; no one will be spared, nobody will be safe, no matter who belongs to where? Pakistan, India or in the entire region, may be whole world.

If not both; even one country can do this, it can be us or it can be you. Whoever will initiate it, will get great global reputation and very long term benefits also.

1). Stop all fire, bombing etc. on LOC and working boundary with white flags, don’t respond ignorance with ego (bloodshed with bloodshed)

2). Stop all proxy activities and non-state elements

3). Register all cases if your opposite country think that someone is terrorist and criminal for them

4). Form an international jury for all disputes and cases, the burden of proof should be assigned to accusers (Dialog & Argument)

Let inform whole world about all these steps for peace of earth, which is much bigger than ego, ignorance and number game; save and secure humanity!

Beloved Pakistan and Dear India!

Please, don’t waste time and resources of your nations on dangerous adventures,

Let’s declare war against corruption, lets empower the unprivileged people,

Let’s eliminate poverty, lets educate all, lets provide standardized health to your public,

Be accountable, be mature, respect everyone, love humanity, ensure justice and equality,

Nobody want to be a criminal and terrorist both sides of border, everyone needs peace,

Nobody can do terror attack on either side without support of locals who sell their selves just because of ignorance, poverty, injustice, unaccountability, discrimination and disappointment so please fight with root causes or fool 1.5 Billion people for luxuries of elite to divert attention only.

Allah Almighty Bless the Federation of Pakistan

Agroid – Green Pakistan

Agroid – Green Pakistan is the name of constant struggle of five years without any fear of losing. I believe if we want to empower unprivileged people and eliminate poverty, then agricultural reforms are very much needed. Food security is tightly coupled with education, health and peace. Farmers and agriculturists have very little or even no use of information, communication and mobile technology to make meaning for their lives, but it will change their lifestyles in a very positive way.

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy; almost 100 million people of Pakistan are dependent on agriculture. More than 50 percent of mature crops destroy due to lack of proper information, knowledge and awareness. Through using advance and modern method of agriculture, we can double the production and save the destruction as well; which will ultimately benefit the farmers.

Change is not related to vote and system; anyone can play his role and contribute his work to change for betterment. \The first project under Agroid – Green Pakistan initiative is Agroid – Pocket Agriculturist which is an information and management system that will benefit farmers as well as all those who are associated with agriculture industry in any sense. Agroid – Pocket Agriculturist will provide timely information about:

  • Prices, analysis and reviews of seeds, fertilizers and sprays for which area the particulars of them are useful and what is the best time for their use.
  • It will provide alerts on agriculture diseases, respective precautions and preventions
  • Flood warnings, weather forecasts and canal water status etc.

Latest research methodologies are being adopted to authenticate the information to be provided with a team of experts taking care of any error and omission.

Finally, it is being taken care that the method of providing information is such that it can be taken benefit by a person who has just a basic knowledge about phone for example he can make calls /messages. The slogan is to “MAKE MEANING” that means the focus is to provide information, communication and mobile technology benefits to those for whom it is meaningless at the moment.


Entrepreneurial Pakistan – A Hall of Shame

Incubators, accelerators, mentor-ships, seed funds, investments, startup incentives and entrepreneurial competitions are nothing more than inheritance, dowry, favoritism and liquidation of relations and connections; English/ physical presentation is a big plus.

Pseudo experts and ignorant judges are poisoning innovation & creativity, research & development, science & technology and inventions & discoveries.

Entrepreneurship and innovation is a close and small box in Pakistan that means something in between e-business, e-commerce, mobile apps which are mainly based on advertising revenue stream. Research and development is limited to surveys and sampling. Inventions and discoveries are not able to go beyond the UPS, quad-copter or DIY kits.

Majority of startups born after some program announcement and die on rejection, or in case of selection, which is mostly based on corrupt and opaque practices; then the idea or startup dies right after getting all incentives. Can anybody dare to audit, analyze and report that how many startups/ ideas are no more which was getting too many perks?

The very nominal successful ventures those also left the country, what is the return for the nation else than “A Pakistani do this or that; clap, clap or slap”.

Let’s think because you can as you have also a mind, and please correct me if my narrative is not right.

Rapid Entrepreneurial Economic Growth Through Innovative Rebate Framework – Research Paper Abstract

This research paper is proposing an entrepreneurial and industrial incentive framework for the long term and speedy economic growth at underdevelopment and underprivileged areas. Researchers of this paper are recommending that stable economy growth is dependent on long-term initiatives which should be increased with time contrast with a tax-free zone and time duration amnesty schemes that are causing fake economy, corruption, criminalization and the collapse of the economy after term completion of tax relaxation and perks. The aim of this research work is to investigate the advantages and disadvantages of current taxation structures around the globe for the development of the entrepreneur specific solution to overcome difficulties which are the reason to discourage startups and new ventures entry in the economy. Researchers are focusing the macro level and long term benefits and criticizing the micro level and short-term impact of existing structures and systems. Real growth depends on stable and mature ventures rather than new businesses which close down before the expiration of incentives provided.

This framework is based on out-the-box, innovative and creative alternative purposed solution rather than survey and sampling based pseudo research & development.

MERITOCRACY – Free, Fair and Peaceful Election

Democracy is the depreciated and outdated system, vote does not matter but who counts the vote. In short, what will be selection of INVINCIBLE is called free, fair and peaceful election.

The free and fair election means that; everyone can vote openly which will increase the sense of responsibility, honesty, loyalty and truth. And the fool proof security means that; nobody can threaten, pressurize, terrorize or hurt anybody for their verdict to vote.

Secret voting is the fundamental reason behind the rigging which also promotes lying, falsification, corruption, dissimulation, insincerity, misrepresentation and duplicity.

Let’s change the system with MERITOCRACY

Allah Almighty Bless Federation of Pakistan