4 POINTS IMMEDIATE PEACE FORMULA to stop equalizing and neutralizing figure game on LOC which is going towards catastrophic war; no one will be spared, nobody will be safe, no matter who belongs to where? Pakistan, India or in the entire region, may be whole world.

If not both; even one country can do this, it can be us or it can be you. Whoever will initiate it, will get great global reputation and very long term benefits also.

1). Stop all fire, bombing etc. on LOC and working boundary with white flags, don’t respond ignorance with ego (bloodshed with bloodshed)

2). Stop all proxy activities and non-state elements

3). Register all cases if your opposite country think that someone is terrorist and criminal for them

4). Form an international jury for all disputes and cases, the burden of proof should be assigned to accusers (Dialog & Argument)

Let inform whole world about all these steps for peace of earth, which is much bigger than ego, ignorance and number game; save and secure humanity!

Beloved Pakistan and Dear India!

Please, don’t waste time and resources of your nations on dangerous adventures,

Let’s declare war against corruption, lets empower the unprivileged people,

Let’s eliminate poverty, lets educate all, lets provide standardized health to your public,

Be accountable, be mature, respect everyone, love humanity, ensure justice and equality,

Nobody want to be a criminal and terrorist both sides of border, everyone needs peace,

Nobody can do terror attack on either side without support of locals who sell their selves just because of ignorance, poverty, injustice, unaccountability, discrimination and disappointment so please fight with root causes or fool 1.5 Billion people for luxuries of elite to divert attention only.

Allah Almighty Bless the Federation of Pakistan