Agroid – Green Pakistan

Agroid – Green Pakistan is the name of constant struggle of five years without any fear of losing. I believe if we want to empower unprivileged people and eliminate poverty, then agricultural reforms are very much needed. Food security is tightly coupled with education, health and peace. Farmers and agriculturists have very little or even no use of information, communication and mobile technology to make meaning for their lives, but it will change their lifestyles in a very positive way.

Agriculture is the backbone of Pakistan’s economy; almost 100 million people of Pakistan are dependent on agriculture. More than 50 percent of mature crops destroy due to lack of proper information, knowledge and awareness. Through using advance and modern method of agriculture, we can double the production and save the destruction as well; which will ultimately benefit the farmers.

Change is not related to vote and system; anyone can play his role and contribute his work to change for betterment. \The first project under Agroid – Green Pakistan initiative is Agroid – Pocket Agriculturist which is an information and management system that will benefit farmers as well as all those who are associated with agriculture industry in any sense. Agroid – Pocket Agriculturist will provide timely information about:

  • Prices, analysis and reviews of seeds, fertilizers and sprays for which area the particulars of them are useful and what is the best time for their use.
  • It will provide alerts on agriculture diseases, respective precautions and preventions
  • Flood warnings, weather forecasts and canal water status etc.

Latest research methodologies are being adopted to authenticate the information to be provided with a team of experts taking care of any error and omission.

Finally, it is being taken care that the method of providing information is such that it can be taken benefit by a person who has just a basic knowledge about phone for example he can make calls /messages. The slogan is to “MAKE MEANING” that means the focus is to provide information, communication and mobile technology benefits to those for whom it is meaningless at the moment.